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            I sincerely believe it is not a matter of if, but merely a matter of time, until science frees us from our current limitations and gives us the tools we need in the form of technology to reunite us with our loved ones who have past and who are alive and well on the other side. 


            Working with a small team of scientists, a hand full of science minded mediums, and a dedicated "Spirit Team," we are attempting to develop this technology.  Technology that, when realized, will allow them to be detected, seen and again have a voice; and that will enable us to communicate with people in spirit as effortlessly and as reliably as we do with people in the physical world.


            We have already seen enough evidence, in both data collected during experiments and our personal experiences with working with spirit, to convince us that our Spirit Team members are here and are collaborating with us to bring this knowledge to the world.  Now it is time to not only see the potential that this reality holds, but to make every effort to manifest and develop it, enabling everyone to enjoy and benefit from the limitless possibilities this technology would offer.      


            One of our Spirit Team members recently said to me, “Will it into being.”


            In life he would often say, and he lived his life this way, that you have to:

1) Set a goal, 2) Give it your all, 3) Believe, and 4) Know that it is your destiny to achieve it.


            Inspiring words to live by. 


            They continue to lift me up, help me to focus on the job at hand, comfort and remind me that we aren’t doing this alone, and that there is a Greater Force driving this information to be brought to light.      

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