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I will be speaking at this meeting about communicating and collaborating with spirits along with my scientist husband Dr. Gary Schwartz

in the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona.

 Living with Spirits and a Scientist - Overview


          Rhonda Schwartz has been communication with spirit since 2001.  She will explain how she learned the language of spirit initially from her mother who passed and subsequently came through in such convincing ways, that Rhonda devoted herself to continuing their relationship and attempting to understand the science of spirit communication.  She will list many of the protocols that she has come to believe contribute to successful interaction with spirit, and what it is like to receive communication from those in the spirit world.

          After seven years of only connecting with her mother, Rhonda will talk about how other spirits began coming to her, each eager for the world to know they were still here.  She will identify a number of these individuals by name, many of whom you will recognize.  And she will explain why they are here, how they are participating in the research, and what it’s like to have spirit collaborators.  Some of the ways they find to communicate are amazing and mind boggling, and Rhonda will share in detail how certain spirits have been able to make their presence known.   


          Working with other mediums is a critical aspect of Dr. Schwartz and Rhonda’s investigation because mediums provide essential validation of the Spirit Team’s involvement in the work.  Remarkable experiences with some very gifted mediums will be highlighted, including a recent and ongoing experiment with a medium who is also an artist and has been drawing pictures of our Team members even though she doesn’t know who they are.

           Experiments will be shown that are currently being conducted by Dr. Schwartz using state of the art technology.  Rhonda will further discuss how she interfaces with the Spirit Team in the laboratory to ensure the participating spirits know what is expected of them, and to relay to Dr. Schwartz what she and the Team members are experiencing during and after the session.

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