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Rhonda Eklund Schwartz, MA, is the author of the New Edition of Love Eternal: Extraordinary Personal and Scientific Evidence for Life After Death.


Rhonda received both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. She went on to pursue a career as a fine artist while also working for a fortune 100 company for over 23 years serving in a variety of capacities including quality control and as an international specialist.


Being a creative painter and a deeply spiritual person at heart; she is also very science minded. So when she began experiencing communications from her mother after she passed in 2001, Rhonda was compelled to not only develop her intuitive skills to improve and strengthen their surprising, continuing relationship; but also to learn about and understand the physics of spirit and the science behind the greater spiritual reality.


In 2006 she met Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments, who for over ten years had been testing and studying mediums and the survival of consciousness hypothesis, discovering evidence that strongly suggested that some people are able to talk with those on the otherside.


Gary and Rhonda were married later the same year; and for the past ten years have dedicated themselves to searching for answers and collaborating to develop technology which will one day detect spirit and enable them to be seen and heard.


Rhonda likes to make the point that there is an art and a science to seeing and communicating with spirit.


After over seven years of working solely with her mother, other spirits began coming to her, each with a keen interest in participating and contributing to the work. Describing herself as a selective research medium, she now communicates exclusively with this group of specific spirits for research purposes.


Gary and Rhonda consult and collaborate with this Team of “post-material” people which includes: scientists, writers, entertainers, higher spiritual beings and lay people alike, all dedicated to bringing advanced scientific understanding, healing and peace to our world.


Detais of how the relationships with these individaul spirits were made and are evolving, along with the communications, research and experiments being conducted with them will be shared in Rhonda's next books - keep watching for their release.

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