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Hypothesized Spirit’s Involvement in the

Development of the SoulPhone

Introduction and Brief History


Dr. Gary Schwartz is currently developing technologies at the University of Arizona for the purpose of detecting and ultimately communicating with spirit.  The SoulPhone, as this technology has come to be called, may initially be a simple Yes/No SoulSwitch, which in time would be developed and integrated with other modes of communication such as SoulTexting, Soul Audio, and SoulVideo.  This work is based on over twenty years of Dr. Schwartz’s cumulative hypotheses and theories about light, energy and information. When applied to survival of consciousness they predict that life would have to continue after death, and that the spirits of individuals who have passed would retain not only their consciousness and identity, but core aspects of their previous physical form.

          Between 2010 and 2017, Dr. Schwartz, along with an optical sciences engineer, developed nine different experiments using state-of-the-art technologies in an attempt to hear, see and measure the effects of spirit utilizing highly sensitive sensors.  After achieving positive preliminary results and replicating these proof-of-concept findings, it was Dr. Schwartz’s belief that with adequate funding it would be possible, in a relatively short period of time, to develop a practical technology to establish reliable communication between people here in the physical and people in spirit.

          Also in January of 2010, Rhonda Eklund Schwartz, an evidential, selective research medium began sensing and establishing communication with a number of hypothesized spirits.  They seemed to have a keen interest in the exploratory efforts being made to communicate with spirit directly, and with laboratory experiments being conducted in the hope of someday being able to communicate with spirit through the use of technology. 

          Over the months that followed, a team of spirts came together and began working with Rhonda and Dr. Schwartz.  Each spirit brought with them a unique set of talents, skills, expertise and an apparent genuine commitment to help with the building of this technology.  The members of the Spirit Team include scientists, inventors, business persons, lay people and entertainers -- some whose names you would recognize. 

However, as Dr. Schwartz likes to say, “It’s not about the Team, it’s about the Technology.”  Proving themselves over time, and being validated by other mediums, the spirits continue to play a critical role in the research to this day.   

Evidence, Science, Experimentation, and Inspiration

          As essential collaborators, this Team of spirits assists and contributes to the work in four important ways:


1)  Evidence -- The Spirit Team is continually providing us with evidence of Survival of Consciousness and Life After Death, and of their collaboration with us.  This evidence comes in a variety of forms. They include:

          A) Mediumship Validation – We have had more than ten evidential mediums provide independent confirmation that members of the Spirit Team are indeed working with us.  Some of these validations occurred during scheduled readings and working sessions with the mediums under blind conditions.  Others occurred spontaneously in group readings and during exploratory conversations with the mediums.  In other cases, we have invited mediums to participate in special research projects with the Team, during which additional details have come through that further validated what we had previously been told by the Team and often providing new information to consider when designing future technology.  

           B)  Information Validation – Over and over, members of the Team have provided information of their existence that is later confirmed by events, scientific results, or by researching what they conveyed.  This evidential information is essential in order to take seriously what they are telling us and trusting that what they are saying is potentially valid. 

          C)  Signs and Synchronicity Validation – Among the most interesting aspects of the language of spirit are signs and synchronicities.  We often rely on these creative and surprising symbols and juxtapositions of events to know that spirit is watching over us and is aware of what we are doing and interacting with us.   

2)  Science – Members of the Spirit Team, in total, have spent more than a thousand hours not only answering questions about their world, their “physiology” and how they interact with our dimension, but also instructing us and providing valuable details concerning how an ideal spirit communication technology system can (and should) be constructed.  The scientists and inventors on the Team have patiently worked to give us details of the physics and optics involved, and we see this information as being “their” intellectual property, not ours, and not anyone else's.


          To date, little of their visionary (and plausible) recommendations has been formally tested or integrated into Gary’s technology experiments – the reason for this being entirely financial.  When the funds become available for this sophisticated research to be conducted, it will be done both to honor the Spirit Team and the many hours they have spent and invested in this venture.  And perhaps more importantly, to see how far their instruction can take us in the development of spirit communication technology, which would benefit mankind in numerous significant and important ways. 


          In the meantime, Dr. Schwartz relies on and takes into serious consideration what the Team members have shared with us about their understanding of the nature of their world.  It is vitally important information to have as he thinks through and designs integrative software and hardware using state of the art technology based on his scientific knowledge.


3)  Experimentation – Laboratory experiments in this field would be impossible without the active participation of willing, eager, and dedicated spirits. Their commitment to this process of discovery and verification is evidenced by their always showing up when requested, whether it is for informal conversation about the experiments, in-depth questioning of the procedures, or lengthy and often tedious sessions working with the equipment in the laboratory.  


4)  Inspiration – Spirit’s involvement in this work provides us with essential inspiration that keeps us excited about the prospects of a breakthrough in understanding spirit communication and ultimately building reliable technology for communicating with them.  Their enthusiasm and dedication is often seen in surprising signs and synchronicities that show their playfulness, wisdom and caring; and that is especially important in the face of often hostile critics and the challenge of raising necessary research funds.   Also, these special spirits’ motivations for doing this work represents a level of caring about humanity and the planet that reflects the highest levels of understanding, compassion, and wisdom.

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