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Reasons and Justifications

 for Revealing the Identities of the Spirit Team Members

It’s not about the Team, It’s about the Technology

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD

          Dr. Gary Schwartz and I (Rhonda Schwartz) have been working with a Spirit Team consisting of more than thirty members (sometimes called the A Team) for over seven years. These individuals have been essential and active colleagues of ours in this work, longer than anyone in the physical (i.e. the B Team).  It was Dr. Schwartz’s and my conclusion that it was now time to begin identifying the members of the Spirit Team because, as Dr. Schwartz put it, he was tired of hiding this information from the public and he was finally ready to reveal some of it.  We also wanted to briefly identify who some of these spirits were as a way of honoring them for their dedication, patient participation and commitment to this work.

          Practically speaking, it also became difficult when (a) giving a talk at a conference, or (b) speaking with the media, when we were asked directly who the members of the team were, to not give a straight answer.  Historically we would offer a couple of member’s names and use pseudonyms for others.  However, what would often happen was that the questioner would push us for an answer, and if we continued to dodge their question, we were viewed as being secretive, leaving the questioner wondering why we were not willing to share that information.

          Over the years, we have engaged the Spirit Team in countless informal as well as formal conversations about their energetic physiology and how they interact with this world.  These communications have been insightful and essential in our efforts to determine how to best create technology to detect and eventually communicate with spirit.

          The scientists (for example, Albert Einstein and David Bohm) and inventors (for example, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla) are obviously assisting us with instructions and directions on the physics and optics involved.  Though it is beyond the scope of this essay, it is important to state that their participation in our research has been independently corroborated by more than ten evidential mediums.  

           Other members (for example, Harry Houdini and Michael Jackson) are serving as technical collaborators, often participating tirelessly whenever asked to perform mundane and repetitive tasks in the laboratory and interacting with multiple technologies in their various stages of development. 

           And all of the members (including Marcia Eklund, Susy Smith, Carl Sagan, Edgar Mitchell, and the others) inspire us in so many ways, keeping us convinced of their continued interest and dedication by showering us with a seemingly endless array of evidential signs and synchronicities.

          It is important to emphasis that we never wanted to have to mention or identify any of the members of the Spirit Team. Our hope was that we would simply develop the technology, and once it was working they could speak for themselves. 

          Unfortunately, the technology is more involved and expensive than we had anticipated, and potential supporters at this stage in the development of the SoulPhone deserve to know who the spirit collaborators are.   Moreover, our relationship with the team and the evidence they have provided concerning their involvement has become an important story unto itself that needs to be told, whether or not a fully functioning (practical) SoulPhone is ever achieved.     


          The members of the Spirit Team are a unique group of individuals.  They were each special in life when they were here, and they are equally special, if not more so, in the afterlife.  In their own ways, they were bigger than life when they were here, meaning that many of them rose to the very top of their respective fields.  And they retain those same qualities today that enabled them to reach those heights then.  These individuals had (and have) a vision, talent and passion that drove them to achieve those levels of success. They were dedicated, confident and had a strong will and belief that they could make a difference and change the world for the better.


          In the case of Michael Jackson, all that Dr. Schwartz knew of Michael was the sensational stories he heard reported on the news.  He wasn’t aware of Michael’s music or his inspired dreams for humanity.  In time, however, Dr. Schwartz came to know more of Michael’s heart and soul, and his caring for humanity and the planet, that can be heard in the lyrics of some of his songs (e.g. Earth Song and Man in the Mirror), as well as the moving messages he shared during the rehearsals for This Is It as captured in the documentary made after he passed. 


          With a controversial celebrity, there are always going to be people who unfairly trash them on the internet (for example, continuing to viciously accuse Michael despite the fact that he was found innocent in a court of law); sadly this is the nature of our social media culture today.  And it is our (as well as other collaborating evidential mediums) replicated experience, over and over, that Michael is one of our Team members deserving of special appreciation and recognition.   


          It is worth noting that scientists working in this challenging and controversial area, including Dr. Schwartz, have been unjustifiably attacked on television and online as well.


          Dr. Schwartz’s and my concern is that we do not want – and do not deserve – to be seen as “capitalizing” on the celebrity of any member of the Team.  Had we wished to capitalize on these individuals, we would have done so years ago. As mentioned above, our deep preference was that this work could unfold without identifying any member of the Team until a practical SoulPhone device was produced, and that they could identify themselves.  Dr. Schwartz’s introductory quote expresses this succinctly: “It’s not about the Team, it’s about the Technology.”

          Save for the minimal information we have recently provided about specific team members (e.g. in Chapter 28 of the new edition of my book Love Eternal), and in future publications when the time is right, we will not be providing further details about their involvement.  

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